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Complete Power Solution
Low Frequency Online UPS - Nepal - Kathmandu -

Low Frequency Online UPS (10/15/30KVA)

(3/1 Phase) (3/3 Phase)


Low Frequency Online UPS - Nepal - Kathmandu -

* Specification


 1. Rectifier input & output
 Price (Rs.)
10KVA / 8KW
15KVA / 12KW
20KVA / 16KW
 Single phase max current
 Work mode and principle
 Supply power online, static bypass switch ('0'time transfer),
 double conversion technology, output isolated completely
 Power factor  0.8/0.9 (12pulses) / 0.95 (with source filter)
 Phase  3 phase + N
 Nominal voltage  380VAC\25%
 Nominal frequency  50Hz\10%
 Input current harmonic  5%
 Soft start  0~100% 5sec
 Max output voltage  432
 Microcomputer setting
 charge current
 6A~30A (adjustable)
 2. Battery
 Max.discharge current (A)
 Number of battery
 (single group)
 12V 32pcs or 2V 192pcs
 Nominal battery voltage  384VDC
 Float charge voltage  432VDC
 Charge current  6A~30A (adjustable)
 3. Inverter
 Rated capacity
 Phase  single phase/three phase+ N+G
 Nominal voltage  220/380VAC\1%
 Nominal frequency  50Hz\0.5%(battery mode)
 Output power factor  0.8/0.9
 Frequency stability:
 Frequency stability:
 Peak factor  3:1
 Output wave  Sine wave
 Total harmonic distortion  Linear load<3%; Non-linear load<5%
 Dynamic load voltage
 Instant recover time
 Balanced load voltage  <\1%; <\5% (unbalanced load voltage)
 Overload capacity  125%30min,150%1min,>150% 300ms
 Inverter efficiency,
 load 100%
 4. Bypass
 Phase  single phase/three phase+ N+G
 Nominal voltage  380VAC\15%
 Nominal frequency  50Hz\10%
 (transfer time)
 5. System
 Communication interface  Rs232, Rs485, Dry contact, Intelligent Slot
 Work temperature  0≧~40≧
 Relative humidity  0%~90% (non-condensing)
 Operation altitude (max)  1000m (1% power lost as increase 100m, 4000m max.)
 Cool mode  Forced ventilation
 Noise  48~65dB
 MTBF  300,000 hours
 Protection grade  IP20
 Cabinet color  White or Black
 Input cable  Button/Rear
 Easy-maintenance  Front/Up/Side
 Dimension W〜D〜H(mm)  420〜800〜900
 Input component  Connection terminal
 Output component  Connection terminal


* Basic Features

- Double-conversion online design, using digital technology, UPS has perfect protection function and high reliability

1. The inverter adopts all-digital vector control technology processed by dual DSP, MCU and DDC in real time to accurately control the various parameters of the machine and comprehensively control it.

2. Advanced IGBT and PWM technology combine to reduce system noise and reduce power loss, ensuring customers can obtain high-quality voltage output under various conditions and win the highest efficiency.

3. Double conversion online UPS, pure sine wave output, whether in the mains mode or battery mode, can output low distortion pure sine wave, to provide the best guarantee for the user's equipment.

4. The output is equipped with an isolation transformer to ensure that the load and the power grid are completely isolated, which can effectively protect the computer and prevent the switching power supply of the network and communication equipment from being damaged by the DC current. For non-linear loads, it also exhibits excellent dynamic performance, improves the load capacity of the UPS, and has good load compatibility.

5. It has automatic frequency/phase synchronization function to avoid the influence of input frequency hopping on the device.

6. Perfect protection function, with AC input / output over voltage, under voltage protection, output overload short circuit protection, battery under voltage warning protection, internal over temperature protection, thus greatly ensuring the stability and reliability of the system operation.

7. Using high-power IGBT devices, the inverter has strong overload capability and impact resistance, and improves the adaptability to the power grid.

8. Intelligent variable speed fan, low noise and energy saving.

9. English LCD operation interface, management is more convenient.

- Flexible parallel technology is applicable to different systems, can be operated in stand-alone, 1+1 parallel, and N+1 parallel

Each UPS in the parallel system is in a relatively independent working state, intelligently, quickly and accurately adjusts the synchronization of each UPS to the best (phase difference <0.50), dynamically adjusts the active and reactive power of the load, and achieves accurate the load is evenly distributed. In the event of a fault, the faulty UPS is automatically, accurately and reliably disconnected from the parallel system, ensuring that the parallel system continuously supplies high quality power to the load. The UPS circulation is almost zero, and the current imbalance is less than 2%.

Multi-machine parallel system: It can realize parallel operation of up to eight UPSs. Advanced monitoring technology and DSP digital control technology make the parallel system as simple as a single machine. All UPSs do not have a master-slave relationship and are truly equal. You can easily expand to `1+1¨ dual-machine parallel or expand to N+X multi-machine redundant system when you need to expand or improve reliability.

- Parallel UPS can share battery pack

It is greatly convenient for users to use and saves costs.

- Intelligent battery management mode

The intelligent charge and discharge management mode can effectively improve the battery life, and the optional components can accurately calculate the battery discharge time and facilitate user management.

- Passed strict short circuit test and 2KV high voltage insulation test

- Full digital control technology, accurate, fast, reliable and stable;

- Optional 12-pulse or active filter to increase input power factor and reduce UPS pollution to the power grid

Powerful intelligent monitoring function, can provide RS232, RS485, dry contact and parallel interface.

Intelligent single-machine and network integrated real-time monitoring and management software provides users with professional, perfect and practical power monitoring solutions, which can quickly and reliably manage UPS systems. UPS centralized monitoring and management software combines the network topology between UPS equipment and computer (point-to-point, point-to-multiple, multiple-to-point, multiple-to-multiple), forming an intelligent UPS network monitoring and management system, which can monitor UPS work status globally.

- Real-time monitoring software features:

1. Real-time monitoring for single users;

2. Real-time monitoring for centralized management of large-scale WAN

- Flexible networking solution

Provide RS232, RS485, dry contact, SNMP card, modem and other communication interfaces, meet TCP / IP protocol, adapt to LAN, WAN and INTERNET network monitoring.

1. The RS232 serial communication interface is connected one-to-one. It is directly connected to the RS232 interface of the computer through the communication cable, which realizes the bidirectional exchange, remote monitoring and intelligent management of the data between the computer and the UPS device (<100m).

2. RS485 adopts advanced balance circuit to improve RS485 serial communication standard, duplex communication mode, one-to-one connection. A dedicated RS485/RS232 interface converter is required to connect to the RS232 communication interface of the computer and connect to the UPS through a cable to support data transmission at higher speeds and distances (<1200mm).

3. SNMP network card uses the world's popular Ethernet technology, to meet TCP / IP network protocol, duplex communication, multi-to-multi connection. The UPS dedicated SNMP network card (built-in or external) is connected to the computer's network card to achieve intelligent monitoring of <100m. It can also be connected to the LAN to realize network monitoring of one (or many) UPS by multiple computers.

4. UPS built-in Modem can dial the phone to the local telephone network through the telephone line, call the landline, mobile phone, prompt UPS abnormal state, such as bypass, shutdown, battery low voltage, overload and etc.

5. The UPS dry contact alarm signal is remotely alarmed through the contact closure, and the remote indicator light, bell, relay type execution unit, indicating no mains, low battery, machine fault, etc.

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