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China to Start New Round of Large-Scale New Energy Power Stations [211207]
Nanostructured Layer for Perovskite Solar Cells Using Argon Plasma Etching [211206]
China's Low-Carbon Strategy a Boost for Global Green Development [211206]
Adani Group to Develop 1,000 MW Wind Power Project in Sri Lanka's Mannar [211206]
Mitrex Releases Dual-Module PV Product [211203]
Dion-Jacobson Perovskite Solar Cell with 18.82% Efficiency [211203]
Development on Pakistan’s 400MW Hydrogen Production Plant Moves to the Next Stage [211203]
Cambodia, Laos Pledge to Boost Energy Sector [211201]
Resurgent Power to Buy India's Transmission Line Project [211130]
China’s Longest Coal-Bed Methane Pipeline Completes, Adding New Momentum to Natural Gas Supply [211130]
China’s Xiaomi to Build EV Plant in Beijing [211130]
Hydrogen Expected to Become Biggest Energy Source in Korea in 2050 [211130]
JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo: The Highest Efficiency Bifacial Module in the “True” Sense [211130]
Long Duration Energy Storage Needs to be Scaled up Drastically [211130]
Wind Power Becoming too Cheap to Support Itself [211129]
Researchers Demonstrate How Graphene can Improve Perovskite Solar Cells [211126]
Shanghai Port Test ‘World’s First’ Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Mobile Crane [211126]
Global Smart Meter Market to Record 7.76% Growth Through 2025 [211125]
Major components set in place at Rooppur in Bangladesh [211125]
Tianjin Port Reveals World's First Zero Carbon Terminal [211125]
Energy Efficiency Improvements are Too Slow to Reach Net Zero [211124]
Bangladesh’s Largest Solar Plant Due Online Next Month [211124]
SK to Build World’s Largest Blue Hydrogen Plant [211124]
KSTAR Nuclear Fusion Reactor Further Improved [211123]
Ingeteam to Showcase Its Latest Onshore and Offshore Wind Power Technologies at WindEurope Electric City 2021 [211122]
Rooftop Solar Helps Send South Australia Grid to Zero Demand in World First [211122]
Beijing 2022 Venues to Harness Technology for Carbon Neutral Games [211122]
Pakistan’s First Hydropower Project Under CPEC Begins Water Storage [211122]
China's Manufacturing Offers Support for Global Energy Transformation [211122]
Panasonic Launches Next-Generation Solar Energy Battery Storage System, the EverVolt? 2.0 [211119]
Global Energy Storage Capacity by 2030 will be ’20 Times Larger than that in 2020′ [211119]
China Key Player in Green Hydrogen Energy Push [211119]
China Unveils Plans to Curb Excessive Battery Growth [211119]
World’s First 66 kV FRT Test System at ?sterild Test Centre [211118]
Global Solar Installations to Grow 20% in 2022 [211117]
Chinese Electric Firm Contributes to Power Infrastructure Construction in Maldives [211117]
Innosea lends hand on 240MW Laos solar floater [211117]
Global Storage Market ‘Set for Boom’ [211116]
Redox Flow Battery with Capacity Retention of 99.98% per Cycle [211116]
Indian Transformer Manufacturer to Set up 4 GW Solar Fab [211116]
Efficient Use of Energy Key to Carbon Goal [211115]
PM’s Energy Program: 268 Mini-Macro Hydro Power Projects Start Power Supply in KP [211115]
Bangladesh Aiming for 2.3 GW of Solar This Decade [211113]
Hot Functional Tests Completed at Karachi 3 [211113]
German Company Joins with China to Pursue Green Goals [211112]
Schneider Electric Unveils Technologies for Energy Sector at ADIPEC 2021 [211112]
East China's Haiyang Becomes First 'Zero-Carbon' City Heated by Nuclear Energy [211112]
ASCA and Nano-C Intensify Partnership [211111]
Risen Energy Announces the World Premiere of PV Module with High Strength Alloy Steel Frame [211111]
Thailand Switches on 45MW Floating Solar Plant, Plans for 15 More [211111]
Green Hydrogen from Expanded Wind Power in China: Reducing Costs of Deep Decarbonization [211111]
ACEN Expands Solar Capacity in the Philippines [211110]
China Contributes to Global Carbon Emissions Reduction [211110]
US $1.9 bln Suki Kinari Hydropower Project in Pakistan to Become Operational by Year [211108]
China Could Kickstart A New Nuclear Energy Revolution [211108]
Insolight Unveils 20.1%-Efficient Translucent Photovoltaic Panel for Agrivoltaics [211105]
Japan Pledges $10bn to Support Energy Transition in Asia [211105]
Nuclear Ship Carries Rooppur Components to Bangladesh [211104]
Kolon Group to Develop Hydrogen and Secondary Battery Technologies [211104]
EMA to Explore Geothermal Energy Potential in Singapore [211104]
SES Unveils 107 Ah Hybrid Li-Metal Battery, Announces New Shanghai Gigafactory [211104]
Erthos Mounts Secure Solar Arrays to the Ground without Racking [211103]
Australia, South Korea Partner on Hydrogen Technology [211103]
Turkey Breaks Record in Wind Power Generation [211102]
India Sets 2070 Target for Net Zero [211102]
Global Smart Grid Collaboration Launched [211101]
COP26: India, UK to Launch Solar Green Grids Initiative [211101]
China Starts Wind Power, Photovoltaic Projects in Deserts [211101]
Honeywell Launches New Flow Battery Technology [211031]
Compressed-Air Storage for Commercial Applications [211030]
SK Innovation Partners with Solid Power to Co-Develop All-Solid-State Batteries [211030]
Liquid Sunshine Methanol-to-Hydrogen Station Opened to Support Beijing Winter Olympics [211029]
ASCA Increases Performance of Organic Solar Cells by Integrating New Semiconductors [211029]
Meyer Burger to Start Exclusive Heterojunction solar module manufacturing in the first half of 2021 [211029]
Trina Solar 112MW Power Plant with 670W Vertex Modules Connected to the Grid [211028]
SK Ecoplant Shifting into High Gear to Localize Fuel Cell Production [211028]
Huawei Secures Contract for 1300MWh Saudi Battery Storage Project [211026]
Turkey Gets 9.22 percent of Power from Wind Energy in 1H2021 [211026]
NKT Reaches Milestone in Recycling of Power Cables [211025]
720MW Karot Hydro Project in Pakistan to be Completed by Dec [211025]
Next-gen Nuclear Plant Safeguards Environment, Drives Pursuit in Emissions [211025]
Tata Power Collaborates with IIT Delhi to Work on Smart Grid Technologies [211025]
Nabrawind Certifies with DNV the Design of the Tallest Wind Tower in the World [211022]
Vestas to Install Prototype of World’s ‘Tallest and Most Powerful Wind Turbine’ in 2022 [211018]
German Industrial Power Prices Hit New High [211015]
Solar Module Maker SEG Expands Production in Cambodia to 500 MW [211015]
EDF and SP Group to Connect Singapore and Indonesia with Subsea Cable [211014]
Pakistan Struggles To Find LNG Amid Gas Crisis [211013]
China's September EV output, sales refresh highs [211013]
Eco Wave Power Signs MoU to Commercialise Technology in China [211013]
GGF Supports Novus in Building Energy-Efficient Supermarkets [211013]
Bangladesh Plans Another Nuclear Power Plant [211012]
First-Ever Large-Scale HVDC Interconnection to Be Bulit in the Middle East and North Africa [211010]
SB Energy Orders 2GWh of Iron Flow Long-Duration Storage Systems [211009]
'Global Storage Set to Triple in 2021’ [211008]
Tesla Battery Pilot at World’s Largest Solar Park [211005]
African Wind Body Launched to Scale up Green Energy Development [211004]
Iberdrola Completes the Wind Farm of Its First Hybrid Plant in the World [210930]
China Limits Power in at Least 20 Provinces Amid Energy Crisis [210930]
SK Hynix CEO Not Concerned about Electric Power Shortage in China [210930]
China’s Coal Shortage could Leave Other Countries in the Dust [210929]
Vulcan Energy Produces First Battery-Quality Lithium Hydroxide from Zero Carbon Lithium Pilot Operations [210928]
Major Coal Consumer India Sees Stockpiles Slump To Four-Year Low [210928]
What China’s Coal Phaseout Means for the World [210928]
AC Energy Says Building PH's First 'Hybrid' Solar, Storage Plant [210928]
Goldwind Wind Turbines for Wind Power in Ukraine [210927]
Mitsubishi Invests in Laos Wind Farm [210927]
China’s Silicon Export Prices up 60pc with Energy Curbs [210927]
DST Launches Energy Storage Developments Expected to Reach Pilot Stage [210927]
China Establishes Electricity Equipment Giant Through Merger [210926]
India Makes Clean Energy Commitments at UN Summit [210926]
Saubhagya Scheme Sees Electrification in 2.82 Crore Households in India [210926]
DNV Publishes Technical Note on Wind Farms and Tropical Cyclones [210925]
Polypore Establishes China JV for Li-ion Battery Separators [210924]
Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Catalyst Program Gets Anchor Partner in ArcelorMittal [210924]
China to Stop Financing Overseas Coal Power Projects [210923]
Masdar City Start-up Launches World’s First Thermal Energy Storage Product 100% made from Recycled Materials [210922]
China’s Self-Developed Hydrogen Liquefying System to Power Domestic Carrier Rockets [210922]
India Readies for Cross-State Electricity Trading [210922]
Pumped Storage Hydropower Ideal for Clean Energy Systems [210920]
Siemens Energy Bags Seal for Waste-to-Energy Plant in UAE [210919]
Singapore Sets Sustainable Energy As Main Focus for LTMS Power Project [210919]
Wind Power is the Strongest Force for Decarbonization in the EU [210917]
Sustainable Solar Powered Clothes: Art by Physicist Teamed up with ARMOR ASCA [210917]
Three Gorges Project Operates at Full Capacity [210915]
Tender Opens for Pakistan’s First Grid-Scale Battery Storage Project [210915]
World Bank Approves Loan for Hydropower Plant in Indonesia [210914]
Chinese Firms to Promote Vanadium Energy Storage [210914]
Ultra-Efficient Tech to Forge Sustainable Energy Future [210913]
China Makes Breakthrough in High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Technique, Achieves Milestone in Nuclear Industry Devt [210913]
AEROCOMPACT Launches Patented Support System for PV Installations [210913]
Australian Startup Sets 25.54% Efficiency Record for Silicon Cell [210913]
China’s Efforts in Offshore Wind Power Crucial for Carbon Neutrality [210913]
Offshore Wind Market is Growing Exponentially Says GWEC [210912]
'300GW Hydro Black Hole' in Climate Fight [210912]
Turkey Reaches 10 GW Wind Energy Milestone [210910]
Uganda Promotes Chinese-Built Power Plants As Superstructure Tourism Sites [210909]
New Mounting System for Rooftop PV, from Austria [210909]
New Deal with Chinese Company Likely to Raise Coal Price for Bangladesh Barapukuria Power Plant [210909]
Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy launches recyclable turbine blade [210908]
Japanese Researchers Use New Catalyst to Sustainably Produce Hydrogen Fuel from Ammonia [210908]
Battery Storage ‘Gigafactory’ Planned in India [210907]
Daya Bay Experiment Fully Decommissioned [210907]
Villages in Cambodia Reach 99 % Electrification [210906]
China Wants to Build a Solar Station in Space [210906]
Doosan Heavy to Lead X-energy’s Study on SMR Nuclear Reactor Design [210905]
Sinopec Building Two of the World’s Largest Solar Hydrogen Plants in Northern China [210904]
Japan, Russia to Cooperate in Hydrogen, Ammonia to Fight Climate Change [210903]
The U.S. Added more New Energy Capacity from Wind than Any Other Source Last Year [210901]
Siemens Gamesa to Withdraw from Chinese Market [210831]
India Commissions Its Largest Floating Solar PV Project [210831]
Largest Wind Farm in the Middle East Produces Electricity [210831]
China to Promote Sodium-ion Batteries During 2021-25 [210828]
JinkoSolar Unveils Details of Its TopCon 620 W Bifacial Solar Panel [210827]
US-Based Ohmium Launches India’s First Green Hydrogen Electrolyzer Gigafactory [210825]
MingYang Smart Energy Launches New Offshore Wind Turbine [210823]
China's Jiangsu Lopal to Build Iron Phosphate Plant [210822]
Eco Wave Power to Explore Rollout in Israeli Navy Bases [210821]
Dubai to Build UAE’s First Wind Farm [210820]
Novel PV Module Recycling Tech from South Korea [210820]
Lower Sesan II Hydropower Plant and Cambodia Help Each Other [210819]
Japan Demonstrates Blockchain System for Solar Panel Recycling [210819]
Middle East Stalls Conventional Power Contracts in Favour of Renewables [210818]
India Andhra Pradesh Targets Setting up 33 GW Hydro Power Storage Plants [210816]
Saudi Aramco Joins Local 1.5 GW Solar Project with a 30% Stake in Renewables Push [210816]
Banpu To Buy Texas Power Plant For $430 Million As Thai Energy Firm Steps Up Green Investments [210816]
SK Innovation to Build Its First BMR Plant at an Overseas Battery Production Base [210814]
India Achieves Milestone of 100 GW Installed Renewable Energy Capacity [210813]
Consortium Launched in S. Korea to Develop Floating Offshore Hydrogen Production Plant [210812]
Uzbekistan’s Energy Sector Overhaul [210812]
World's First HTGC Reactor is About to Bring Nuclear Test Operation [210811]
Energy-Starved Bangladesh Discovers New Gas Field Worth Over $148 mn [210811]
Faster Hydrogen Production Using Magnetized Catalyst May Lower Electrolysis Cost [210811]
China-Built Turgusun Hydropower Station to Help Ease Power Shortage in E. Kazakhstan [210811]
Heavy Components Delivered to Rooppur in Bangladesh [210811]
Chinese Firms Boost Hydro Development Across the Globe [210810]
Thailand Egat to Import More Electricity from Laos [210809]
Japan’s ‘Hydrogen Olympics’ the Latest Stumble for Hydrogen Energy [210809]
PNOC Studies Deuterium As Possible Fuel, Power Source [210809]
ReNew Power Signs First 'Round-the-Clock' PPA in India [210809]
Saudi Arabia’s First Wind Farm Begins Electricity Production [210809]
India Exports 8 Lakh Tonnes of Coal to Neighbouring Countries in FY'21 [210809]
India to Make Green Hydrogen Mandatory for User Industries [210806]
GAC and Huawei Partner to Develop Level 4 Electric SUV out in 2023 [210805]
What is China's "Campaign-Style" Carbon Reduction [210805]
Hanwha, Korea Western Power Team up to Fuel Gas Turbines on Hydrogen [210805]
How the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is Propelling Japan into a New Age of Hydrogen Energy [210804]
India to Build Nuclear Plants to Increase Generation Capacity [210803]
China's First Nearly "Zero-Carbon" New Energy Vehicle Charging Station Opens [210802]
World’s First Solar/Thermal Energy Storage-Powered Project to Extract Water from Air at Masdar City [210802]
Sodium-ion Batteries a Commercial Reality, Claims CATL [210802]
Thailand: Floating Solar Farm Launch Set for October [210802]
Cambodia Stops Offshore Oil Extraction After KrisEnergy goes Bankrupt [210802]
China Starts Up Turbines at 16-GW Hydro Project After Four-Year Construction Period [210802]
Dhaka Seeks US-Investment in Off shore's Oil, Gas Exploration [210802]
Is Hydrogen the New Oil? [210729]
Asia’s Largest Carport is Powered by JinkoSolar [210729]
Rooppur Unit 1 Dome Installation Starts in Bangladesh [210729]
China's June Lithium Hydroxide Exports Push Higher [210729]
China Energy Engineering Group Merges with China Gezhouba Group [210728]
Maldives' First High-Voltage Power Grid Project is Put into Operation [210728]
DEWA Inaugurates Three New Substations in Dubai [210728]
Singapore's GIC invests $240 mln in Arctic Green Energy [210727]
Hitachi ABB Power Grids Commissions Transmission Link in India [210727]
GE to Supply 13 Transformers to Rajasthan Solar Project [210727]
Average Transaction Price of the Beijing Carbon Trading Market Ranks First in China [210726]
Sunseap to Build World's Largest Floating Solar Farm in Indonesia [210724]
China Emissions Price up 10pc in First Week of Trading [210724]
China to Add 55-65 GW of Solar Power Capacity in 2021 [210723]
Vision Mechatronics Delivers India’s First Mega Watt Scale Hybrid Energy Storage Project [210723]
CTG Places all 96 Units at Its Hydro Plants in Operation for First Time [210723]
China XD Group Develops the World's First 500 kV Economical High Voltage AC Current Limiter [210722]
Iberdrola Buys 550MW Vietnamese Pipeline [210722]
Group14 Technologies and SK Materials form JV to Build Plant for Lithium-silicon Battery Materials [210721]
Chinese Cities Face Power Outages As Economic Rebound, Heat Put Grids Under Pressure [210721]
World's Largest Offshore Converter Station Successfully Installed [210720]
Pakistan, Russia Sign Gas Pipeline Agreement [210720]
University Researchers Win Grant to Advance Wave Energy in Thailand [210719]
China: Baihetan Hydropower Station Officially Put into Operation [210719]
Sembcorp Opens Tengeh Floating Solar Farm in Singapore [210718]
Growatt Becomes the Global No.1 Inverter Brand for Residential Solar [210716]
Hualong One: Karachi K-3 Unit Containment Test Completed Successfully [210714]
Ceat Ties up with Tata Power to Set up Captive Solar Plant for Mumbai Facility [210714]
BCPG Unveils 600 MW Wind Energy PPA in Laos [210714]
Installation of World's First Anti-typhoon Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Begins [210713]
JinkoSolar Claims 23.53% Efficiency for N-Type, TOPCon, Monocrystalline Panel [210713]
Saudi Arabian Solar: How the State has Invested in Overseas Solar Projects [210711]
India's Power Demand Surges to All-Time High; Crosses 200 GW Mark [210710]
India Wind Market to Billow by 50% in the Next Five Years [210710]
LONGi Dominates Thailand Market as 182mm Module Leader [210709]
Egco Keen on Energy Storage Opportunity [210708]
IRENA Expands Renewable Energy Cooperation with the Chinese Government [210707]
China Produces Its First Used Fuel Transport Cask [210704]
Trina Solar Sets New World Record of 23.03% Aperture Efficiency for 210 Vertex P-Type PERC Module [210704]
CPC Emblem Displayed at Solar Thermal Power Plant Shows Romance in Hardcore Technology: Netizens [210704]
All Units Operational at Namkong 1 Hydropower Project, Laos [210703]
Net Zero Carbon Building Solution for Singapore [210702]
India's First Just Energy Transition Centre Launched [210701]
No Electricity in Afghan Provinces After Power Pylon Destroyed [210701]
India’s NTPC to Expand Generation Capacity with $13.4bn Investment [210701]
Rosatom Begins Construction of Kudankulam NPP Unit 5 in India [210629]
Exploring mln-kW Generating Units at China's New Mega Hydropower Station [210629]
Bangladesh Scraps Plans to Build 10 Coal-Fired Power Plants [210629]
China's First 10,000-kilowatt Wind Power Base was Built in Jiuquan [210628]
Pakistan Hydropower Development Initiative Focuses on Clean Energy Transition [210628]
Solar Philippines Unit to Build 225-MW Project in Nueva Ecija [210628]
Ariel Researchers Develop New Type of Hydrogen Generator with Sodium Borohydride for On-Demand Use [210628]
Tata Power Inaugurates India’s Largest Solar Carport [210624]
The World's First Million-Kilowatt Hydroturbine Generating Unit Generates Electricity [210622]
Petrobangla Signs MOU with Indian H-Energy to Import R-LNG [210621]
GE Renewable Energy and Continuum Green Energy Sign Large Wind Power Project in India [210617]
Shanghai Electric Makes Progress At Dubai CSP Project [210617]
All Units of Wudongde Hydropower Station are Put into Operation [210616]
NHPC, BSHPC Sign Pact to Set up 130.1-MW Hydro Power Project in Bihar [210616]
Trina Solar in SNEC 2021: High-Efficiency Modules and Trackers Unveil Unstoppable 210 Products Valu [210615]
LONGi Provides 134MWp Hi-MO 5 Modules to the Largest Solar Power Plant in Bangladesh [210614]
Huawei and Yingli Announce Smart Collaboration [210608]
Irena and China to Work Together on Carbon Neutrality Roadmap [210608]
Five of the World’s Top 12 Hydropower Stations are in China [210608]
China’s Dominance in Solar Energy Hard to Change [210607]
Longi Unveils n-Type, TOPCon Bifacial Module with 22.3% Efficiency [210607]
Japan Looks To Become Leader In Wind Energy [210603]
JinkoSolar Large-Area N-Type Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Reaches Record-Breaking New High Efficiency Of 25.25% [210603]
LONGi Breaks Three more World Records for Solar Cell Efficiency [210603]
First GE HA Gas Turbine Planned for Bangladesh Power Plant [210603]
Indonesia Announces Plan for Nuclear Power Plant After 2025 [210601]
$400 million Chinese Power Project on the Cards in Afghanistan [210531]
China's Artificial Sun Brings Nuclear Fusion Energy Closer [210531]
India Rajasthan Govt Set to Retire Two Thermal Power Units in Kota [210531]
ADB to Finance 300MW Hydropower Plant in Pakistan [210525]
Panasonic Launches 380 W Heterojunction Solar Module Compatible with Its Evervolt Battery [210524]
China to Add at Least 90 GW Wind and Solar Capacity to the Grid in 2021 [210522]
Clean Energy Contributes 89.1 pct of Tibet's Power Capacity: White Paper [210522]
PM to Inaugurate K-2 Nuclear Power Plant Today [210521]
Work Starts on 160MW Philippines Wind Farm [210520]
1100 MW Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit-2 to be Inaugurated on Friday [210520]
India to Launch Battery Energy Storage Manufacturing Capability [210519]
Thailand’s Largest Private-Owned Microgrid Announced [210518]
India's ReNew Power to Become PV Manufacturer, Plans 2-GW Factory [210518]
Global Largest Hydrogen Station Put into Use in Beijing [210517]
Pakistan: Role Of Nuclear Power In Economic And Sustainable Development [210517]
India to Provide Incentives for Battery Storage [210513]
Pakistan Calls for Probe into Seizure of Uranium in India [210510]
JSW Renew Energy Signs Wind PPA in India [210506]
MAN Energy Commissions 200MW Plant in Cambodian [210501]
Millennium Proposes $15 B LNG-to-Power Project in Vietnam [210430]
Solar, Wind Energy Boom Powers China's Carbon-Neutral Drive [210429]
SP to Deploy Distributed Generation Platform in Singapore [210429]
Oil Tanker Leaks Crude After Collision Near China’s Qingdao Port [210428]
Crude Oil Catalytic Cracking Technology Realizes the World's First Industrial Application [210427]
How Safe is Fukushima’s Waste Water Disposal Plan? [210427]
SK Innovation Shifts Into Full Gear for EV Battery Biz [210426]
China's Non-Fossil Power Capacity to Surpass that of Coal in 2021: CEC [210426]
Green Hydrogen can Spearhead India’s Transition to Clean Energy [210426]
India Closer to Building World's Biggest Nuclear Plant: French Firm EDF [210425]
Tiger Pro 54p, JinkoSolar’s Brand New Product To Lead Distribution Market [210424]
Japan Ups 2030 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goal to 46 per cent [210424]
China Will "Overachieve" Its Goal on Carbon Emission: Al Gore [210423]
China to Curb Coal Consumption Below 56% of Energy Use in 2021 [210423]
Vietnam's Largest Wind Power Plant Starts Operational [210423]
Seoul to Strengthen NDC, Suspend Foreign Coal Financing [210423]
Boao Forum for Asia kicks off on Hainan [210422]
Rooppur 2 Components Begin Journey to Bangladesh [210421]
China to Bring Solar and Wind Power Generation to 11% of Total Electricity Use in 2021 [210421]
P&G’s Hyderabad Facility First in India to Go Solar [210421]
India Cabinet Okays Subsidy for Urea Produced via Coal-Gasification by Talcher Fertiliser [210421]
Trung Nam Group Inaugurates Wind Power Plant in Vietnam [210421]
EXERGY to Supply Equipment for Geothermal Plant in the Philippines [210421]
Successful Cold Test of Hualong One Overseas Project Karachi No. 3 Unit in Pakistan [210420]
Vietnam EVNNPT Installs First Digital Transformer in Hai Phong [210420]
KHNP to Accelerate Development of Innovative SMRs [210420]
Xinte Energy Rushing 20,000MT Expansion at Xinjiang Polysilicon Plant [210420]
China’s Clean Energy Expo 2021 Kicks Off in Beijing [210420]
South Korea Raises Renewable Energy Target to 25pc [210420]
Macquarie Looks to Sell 450MW Solar Assets for $300 mn [210419]
China's Nuclear Power Safety a Global Benchmark, Says Expert [210419]
China: Radioactive Waste Disposal Lab Under Construction [210419]
Vietnam’s Largest Wind Power Plant goes into Operation [210419]
China Huaneng Group and Glencore Sign MoU on CCUS Project [210418]
JinkoSolar Joins the United Nations Global Compact [210416]
EDF Completes Installation of 1 Lakh Smart Meters in India [210416]
Hydrogen Push Ignites Next Stage of China’s Energy Transition [210414]
Perovskite Solar Cell with Larger Grain Size and 23.17% Efficiency [210413]
China Energy Engineering Completes 300-MW Offshore Wind Park [210413]
Core Melt Localization Device Installed at Unit 4 of Kudankulam NPP, India [210412]
Hitachi ABB Power Grids to Modernise 1.2GW Chinese Hydropower Plant [210412]
Solar-to-Hydrogen Tech Sees "Remarkable" Efficiency Jump [210412]
Samsung Heavy Industries Develops Eco-friendly Wind Turbine Installation Vessel [210412]
Baihetan Hydropower Station Begins to Store Water [210408]
LONGi Takes Aim at Green Hydrogen Market with New Business Unit [210407]
India H2 Alliance Formed to Commercialise Hydrogen Technologies in the Region [210407]
Thailand’s First M701JAC Turbine Begins Operations at CCGT Plant [210407]
New Silicon PV Project Breaks Ground in Southwest China [210406]
Goldwind’s First Wind Power Plus Energy Storage Hybrid Project is Put into operation [210405]
Vietnam Plans to Double Wind Power Generation by 2030 [210405]
First Philec to Produce ‘Green’ Transformers [210404]
India can Learn from Australia to Accelerate Distributed Energy Transformation [210402]
Reliance Bangladesh Signs GE for 718MW Plant O&M [210402]
ADB Approves Loan for Hydro Construction in Pakistan [210401]
Multi-Layer Front Contact Perovskite Solar Cells with 16.55% Efficiency [210401]
RPV Aydraulic Tests Completed for Rooppur-2 [210331]
China Focus: China's Tech Firms Explore Building Zero-Carbon Internet [210329]
New Rooftop Solar PV Module Tailored for C&I makes a Market Entrance [210329]
Japanese Company Unveils High Capacity Solid-State Battery [210329]
China's Carbon-Free Goal can Back Energy Security, Economic Goals [210328]
Coal-Dependent Mongolia’s First Solar-Plus-Storage Project will Use NGK’s Sodium-Sulfur Batteries [210328]
Japan's BPA Eyes Biomass As Coal Alternative [210326]
China Launches Key Project to Advance Nuclear Fusion [210326]
GreenFire Energy and EDC Team up on Geothermal Project in the Philippines [210326]
Net-Zero Emissions in India’s Energy Systems by 2050 Highly Challenging [210324]
Chinese EV Battery Manufacturers Refining Technology [210323]
Pakistan's China-Built Nuclear Reactor Starts Operation [210322]
Wudongde Hydropower Station will Realize All Generating Units Put into Operation Before July 1st [210322]
Preparations for Luang Prabang Mekong Hydropower Plant in Laos Nearly Complete [210322]
India’s Crude Oil Throughput Hits Four-Month Low in February [210322]
China's $6.4 Trillion Energy Transition To Transform Economy [210320]
Bangladesh Scraps Nine Coal Power Plants As Overseas Finance Dries up [210319]
China Installs 52GW of Wind in 2020 [210319]
Shortage In PV Module Material To Drive Up Prices In 2021 [210319]
Microgrids with Hydrogen Fuel Cells Installed in Rural India [210319]
Qatar To Build A Luxury Floating Hotel That Generates Electricity [210318]
Siemens Energy and Sumitomo Electric Commission India’s First VSC HVDC [210318]
2 Smart Power Towns Rise in Tianjin [210318]
China Sets a World Record for 10 MW Wind Turbine Blade Length [210317]
Petronas Partners China National Offshore Oil Corp for Cleaner Energy Solutions [210317]
VRB Energy to Build Battery-Integrated Solar Power Station in China [210317]
China Takes up 7 Spots Among the World’s Top 10 Wind Turbine Manufacturers for Wind Power [210315]
Xinjiang Sets Record High Wind Energy, Solar Power Generation [210315]
Bill Gates-Backed 'Water-Splitter' Targets World's Cheapest Green Hydrogen [210315]
Cambodia: Banteay Meanchey Solar Farm Adds 39MW to National Grid [210315]
Trina Launches 670 W Solar Panel [210314]
Sinopec Accelerates Hydrogen Energy Development to Build World-leading Clean Energy Chemical Company [210312]
India Basic Customs Duty Expected to Increase Solar bid Tariffs by up to 50 Paise per Unit: ICRA [210312]
Wartsila, LUT University Carry out Study to Explore Carbon-Neutral Power System in India by 2050 [210312]
Indian-Irish Partnership to Produce Green Hydrogen [210310]
Three Key Points for Power Generation from China’s Five-Year Plan [210310]
Adani Beats the Clock on 100MW Wind in India [210309]
JinkoSolar and AE Power Sign Solar Module Distribution Agreement in Pakistan [210309]
China To Cut Energy Intensity By 3% This Year [210308]
India on Track to Achieve Paris Agreement Targets Before 2030 Deadline, Modi Says [210308]
Latest Aevelopment on China’s Largest Battery Energy Storage Project [210307]
Pakistan’s Karachi 2 Achieves Criticality [210305]
China Power Giant Wants to Get Ahead on Xi’s Emissions Goals [210305]
Nuclear Crucial to Japan Meeting Climate Goals, Says IEA [210305]
China Draws up Plan for Carbon Emissions to Peak by 2030, to Take Active, Well-Ordered Steps to Develop Nuclear Energy [210305]
India's 16 GW Worth of Solar Rooftop Capacity can be Created from MSMEs by the End of 2022 [210304]
China's Polysilicon Output Rises in 2020 [210304]
Hexagon Purus, CIMC Enric ink JVs for China and Southeast Asia [210304]
SK Group to Build World's Largest Liquefied Hydrogen Plant [210304]
Asia to Deploy more than 570 million Smart Electricity Meters [210304]
Japan’s Mitsubishi Developing Ammonia-Fired Gas Turbine [210303]
World's 1st 660 KV Transmission System Sends Around 300-billion kilovolt Electricity in Decade [210303]
China’s State Grid Sets Peak Emissions Plan [210303]
Guinness World Records Recognises Dubai Jebel Ali Power Complex As Largest Gas-Fired Facility Globally [210303]
Hyundai Motor Group Breaks Ground on Fuel Cell System Plant in Guangzhou [210302]
Saudi Arabia Plans to Export Green Hydrogen to Europe by Pipeline [210301]
China Installed Half of New Global Offshore Wind Energy Capacity During 2020 in Record Year [210226]
BIOGEST to Build Biogas Plant in South Korea [210226]
Korea's SK Group Wraps up USD-1.6bn Investment in Plug Power [210226]
Huawei Digital Power Zero Carbon Network Solution Is Released, Helping Operators To Achieve Carbon Neutral Targets [210226]
Japanese Players Launch Green Hydrogen JV [210225]
Powerful Wind Turbine Rolls off Production Line in Central China [210225]
Siemens Energy to Supply F-Class Gas Turbines to Chinese CHP Project [210225]
GWEC Partnership to Accelerate India’s Energy Transition [210225]
Korea Midland Power Succeeds in Producing Green Hydrogen from Wind Power [210225]
Uzbekistan to build 11 new hydropower plants in 2021 [210224]
Pylontech Ready for ESS Capacity Expansion Following Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing [210224]
India’s Larsen & Toubro Wins Order for Civil Works at Kudankulam NPP [210224]
Beijing 2022 Olympics to be Powered by 100% Renewable Energy [210223]
Russia to Finance and Build 1.4GW Power Station in Southern Iran [210223]
Thailand Energy Company Secures ADB Aid for Renewables and EV Projects [210223]
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Pitches for ‘One Nation, One Rate’ Policy for Electricity [210223]
GWEC India and MEC+ Team up to Catalyse Growth in India’s Wind Energy Industry [210223]
India's January Crude Processing Scales over 1-yr Peak [210223]
Smartphone Maker Xiaomi to Foray to EV Manufacturing [210222]
China’s Carbon Neutral Push Gathers Pace as Coal-Fired Power Plants Drop Below 50% for First Time [210222]
Philippines to Install Its First Stormy Wind Turbine [210222]
India May Have Already Passed Peak Coal [210222]
Sri Lanka's First Waste-to-Energy Plant Project Started [210220]
Chinese Fast Reactor Begins High-Power Operation [210220]
Singapore Selects Hitachi ABB for Virtual Power Plant Storage [210220]
Chinese Company Contracted to Work on Tianwan 7&8 [210220]
India Reaffirms Its Commitment to Hydrogen [210220]
China Is Fueling The Global Crude Oil Demand Recovery [210219]
Earthquake Strikes Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture [210218]
India Urges OPEC+ to Ease Production Cuts [210218]
Faurecia Accelerates Hydrogen Developments in China [210218]
Tekmar to Shield Offshore Wind Cables in China [210218-i-3]
Construction of $600m Power Plant in Indonesia Resumes [210218]
IEA Report on India Sidelines Nuclear [210215]
UAE’s Renewable Energy Capacity Set to Increase to 9GW by 2025 [210214]
LONGi secures major polysilicon supply deal from OCI Malaysia and 46GW of solar glass from Flat Glass [210210]
Hydro Review: Commercializing a New Small Hydropower Technology [210209]
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, professors contribute to DOE hydropower research [210209]
LONGi secures major polysilicon supply deal from OCI Malaysia and 46GW of solar glass from Flat Glass [210209]
JinkoSolar strengthens partnership with Tongwei [210209]
IEA: India’s solar power generation could rival coal by 2040 [210209]
Xinte Energy planning 200,000MT ‘green’ polysilicon complex in Inner Mongolia [210209]
Two hydroelectric projects damaged, hundreds missing after glacier fall in India [210208]
Inverters ‘enter the 210mm era’ as new launches are teased [210208]
South Korea Unveils $43 Billion Plan for World's Largest Offshore Wind Farm [210207]
UAE’s Energy Ambitions Extend Far Beyond Oil [210207]
Turboden Chosen As Supplier for EDC’s Geothermal Plant [210206]
Hyosung Heavy Industries to Build World's Largest Liquefied Hydrogen Plant [210206]
Saudi Arabia Raises Oil Prices To U.S. And Europe [210205]
Siemens Energy Launches Innovation Centre in Shenzen with a Focus on Hydrogen [210205]
Asia’s Largest Hydrogen Facility and a Network of Stations to be Built in South Korea [210205]
Japan Needs Nuclear Power, Says Energy Minister [210204]
Nam Theun 1 Breaks RCC Placement World Record [210204]
IRENA and IHA forge partnership to advance sustainable hydropower [210204]
Indian auction for 6.4GW of solar bucks trend of falling tariffs [210204]
India deployed more than 500MW of solar in December 2020 [210203]
Longi Launches 420 W Panel for Rooftop Applications [210203]
China Launches Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme [210203]
Major Hydropower Station Begins Water Storage in Tibet [210202]
Military Seizes Power in Resource-Rich Burma [210202]
CATL Builds Fourth Phase of Jiangsu Battery Plant [210202]
Energy Launches Policy Department Of Energy Launches Policy For Energy Production From Waste [210202]
Japan's Panasonic to Scrap Solar Cell Production [210202]
Hanhwa Solutions Accelerating Development of Green Hydrogen Technology [210202]
LONGi adds to distributed solar module range with 66-cell, 420W Hi Mo 4 module [210202]
Rivals GCL-Poly and LONGi sign major polysilicon pact [210202]
India raises basic customs duty on solar inverters to 20%, omits modules from changes [210202]
TZS to build 50GW 210mm mono-wafer hub in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region [210202]
Cleantech agrees long-term solar agreement with Dulux owner [210202]
BayWa r.e. sells Japan solar farm [210202]
Baihetan Hydropower Station: the Rotor of Unit 16 was Successfully Hoisted [210201]
Demand for Safe Eco-friendly Fuels Rising, LPG-Propelled Ships Expected to Be Built [210201]
Highest Self-Supported Wind Tower Ever Built [210201]
China's First Hualong One Nuclear Reactor Begins Commercial Operation [210201]
Kadyrinskaya hydropower plant modernization [210201]
Panasonic ending in-house heterojunction cell and module production [210201]
‘Climate Wednesday’: How President Biden intends to spur yet further renewables growth in the US [210128]
Tesla sets sights on regaining US solar market leadership after installs jump [210128]
EDF and Total JV secures US$165m for 450MWp Indian solar park [210128]
Hydro Review: Data Down Under: Creating a Risk-based Approach to Dam Monitoring and Maintenance [210127]
Enphase Energy to ‘supercharge’ digital offering with acquisition of system design software house [210127]
Amazon and Total help boost renewable corporate PPA growth as volumes jump 18% [210127]
Silicon carbide inverters could open up medium-voltage grids for solar installs [210126]
Daqo to hit highest quarterly polysilicon production and sales levels before pause [210126]
LONGi Solar secures major bifacial module order from Strata Solar [210126]
JA Solar takes solar cell capacity plans at Yangzhou plant to 10GW [210126]
‘Landmark moment’ in Europe as renewable electricity surpasses fossil fuels for first time [210125]
Bifacial solar modules boost yields by up to 23% in new study [210125]
Jinchen to supply 3GW module production line to India’s Waaree Energies [210125]
LONGi targets growth in Poland through 300MW module supply deal [210125]
Solar cheapest form of new power in major markets as new tech drives costs lower, states WoodMac [210121]
Indian government approves investment proposal for 850-MW Ratle hydropower project [210120]
China installed 48.2GW of solar in 2020, official figures show [210120]
BNEF: Up to 194GW of solar could be installed in 2021 as investments soar [210120]
First Gen Hydro allots PHP6 billion to develop 120-MW Aya pumped-storage project [210118]
LONGi planning new 15GW solar cell plant to be operational in 2022 [210118]
300MW tidal flat solar project takes shape in China [210118]
PhosAgro contracts hydroelectric plant to power agrochemical production facility [210115]
NHPC signs agreement to take over 120-MW Rangit-IV HE Project [210115]
JinkoSolar’s N-type TOPCon module surpasses 23% conversion efficiency [210112]
Trina Solar secures record 4GW panel supply deal with NextEra Energy [210108]
Philippines DOE launches third renewable energy call, with 17 hydro projects [210107]
BHEL receives orders for 960-MW Polavaram hydro project and pump-motor sets in India [210107]
JinkoSolar pushes N-type TOPCon solar cell to record 24.90% conversion efficiency [210106]
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