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IBN approves Rs 85 billion investment for three hydels [191229]
Hydels with 6,000 MW capacity await PPA [191226]
Solar power plants: Give them a place in the sun [191218]
Govt seeks UK investment in energy, roads [191217]
Compensation to be reviewed for Budhigandaki hydel project [191210]
NT begins study for optical fiber in far west [191209]
Bhote Koshi starts test generation [191209]
Budhigandaki hydel-affected locals halt agitation to continue talks [191209]
Upper Bhotekoshi hydropower project starts test transmission [191208]
DPR for Jagdulla Hydropower almost ready, initial estimate at Rs 22b [191207]
Upper Trishuli 3 ‘B’ achieves 40% work progress [191205]
Foundation stone for dam, powerhouse of Bheri-Babai laid [191204]
Locals protest land compensation in Budhigandaki hydel-affected areas [191203]
Compensation for land in market areas fixed [191203]
Industrialists oppose paying pending bills [191202]
Locals threatento obstruct Bheri-Babai works [191129]
India agrees to allow Nepali cargo vessels on the Ganges [191128]
Panchthar hydels not releasing water causes rivers to dry out [191127]
Nepal proposes collaboration with Qatar for rural electrification [191127]
Compensation to be fixed for land affected by Budhigandaki Hydel [191127]
Tibet-Nepal Economic and Trade Fair kicks off in capital [191125]
FCAN stages protest in front of PM's official residence [191125]
Power Summit 2019 Kicks Off [191123]
Energy sector experts call for ensuring mutual economic benefits through multilateral power trade [191123]
Air pollution kills 37,399 people per year in Nepal: Study [191123]
Call to raise investment in hydel sector of the country [191122]
Bangladesh agrees terms, tariffs for import of energy [191122]
Utilization of resources must to make electricity affordable: Energy minister [191122]
Survey shows progress in access to electricity [191122]
Two-day Energy Summit kicks off in capital [191121]
Ncell can pay only Rs 21.10 billion in capital gains tax : Supreme Court [191121]
Budhigandaki hydel-affected locals protest seeking compensation [191119]
PM Oli inaugurates Upper Trishuli 3 'A' hydropower project [191118]
NEA planning to add transformers to increase power consumption [191117]
Upper Trishuli 3A to start commercial generation from Monday [191117]
NEA plans to minimise energy wastage [191116]
Chitwan to be fully electrified in current fiscal year [191115]
NEA mulls 15% power tariff hike [191114]
Locals threaten to disrupt hydel projects [191112]
Stakeholders demand clean energy for all [191111]
Bangladesh proposes Nepal for collaboration in hydropower [191111]
Electricity Regulatory Commission proposes new directive for electricity tariff [191107]
NEA moves to lower premium tariff for commercial users [191104]
‘Role of AEPC crucial to expand access to energy’ [191104]
Ghising urges private sector to join hands with NEA in its efforts to maintain energy efficiency [191103]
$453.2m pact signed to develop UT-1 hydel [191101]
Solar mini grid in Susta [191024]
Energy Minister Pun assures electricity in every household [191023]
Survey license issued for Upper Arun Hydropower Project [191023]
Austria to invest in two hydropower projects [191022]
Agreement to complete Duhabi-Katahari transmission line within 45 days [191018]
Nepal-China cross-border transmission line in G2G model [191015]
Melamchi board seeks work plan from Sinohydro [191015]
Nepal, India agree to share cost on transmission line [191015]
Kulekhani III begins power generation [191014]
Nepal-India energy JSC meeting begins [191014]
HIDCL, Power China to build 762MW Tamor hydel [191013]
Nepal, China agree on Strategic Partnership of Cooperation, ever-lasting friendship [191013]
Nepal and China to construct two hydroelectricity projects [191013]
Nepal, China sign 18 bilateral cooperation deals, two letters of exchange [191013]
Sinohydro gets tender to construct headworks for Melamchi water project [191012]
Analysis: Xi's visit may enhance Nepal-China energy cooperation [191008]
Hydropower firms not allowed to take more than 17 per cent profit [191003]
75 per cent work on Nyadi power project completed [190930]
Govt awards Melamchi contract to Sinohydro [190929]
Hydropower developers seek removal of credit rating provision [190929]
Sanjen power project conducts breakthrough of pilot hole [190929]
Nepal pledges to complete MCC Project procedures [190926]
Finland, UAE pledge to cooperate Nepal’s development endeavor [190924]
Chinese company to build Outer Ring Road [190923]
Iwakhola Hydroelectricity Project connected to national grid [190923]
Upper Trishuli 3 ‘A’ to start generation within a week [190923]
Hydel project starts power production [190920]
Nepal will stand to benefit from BRI [190917]
India proposes to construct Lower Arun hydro project [190914]
Government urges international community to invest in Nepal [190912]
Chilime Trishuli Transmission Line project achieves 45% physical progress [190908]
Dudhkoshi Storage Hydroelectric Project to affect 1,150 households [190908]
Solar energy promotion: Learn from Bangladesh [190905]
Minister Pun, ADB reps discuss installation of 1,000 solar pumps in terai districts [190904]
Tunnel breakthrough achieved in Dordikhola power project [190904]
Construction of power transmission line stalled [190830]
Making Kathmandu an open-wire free city [190829]
Contract termination delays construction of Tanahu hydro [190827]
NEA to build 10 new hydropower projects [190825]
Rasuwagadhi power project to start production within this FY [190825]
Nepal’s solar aspirations [190819]
Minister Pun commits to making NEA more commercial [190818]
Solar power to illuminate municipality [190816]
Ministry for Energy demands Rs 380 million with Finance Ministry [190815]
Nepal Electricity Authority earns Rs 7 billion profit [190813]
Floods damage hydel projects in Lamjung [190811]
35 per cent work of Upper Trishuli III B over [190808]
60 MW electricity from Trishuli 3A connected to transmission line [190803]
Nepal needs to explore opportunities in hydropower, tourism: Indian envoy Puri [190801]
Local govts’ role important for promoting clean energy [190730]
Penstock pipes fitted in most difficult part of Upper Tamakoshi hydro [190722]
Joint investment in hydropower planned
-Nepal-Bangladesh JSC Meet [190722]
PAC forms sub-committee to study NEA dues [190721]
MoEWRI allots only Rs 200m budget to AEPC [190718]
Germany pledges additional 4 million Euro for technical cooperation in Nepal [190717]
Nepal sends 200 MW electricity to India [190716]
AIIB to invest Rs 16 bln in Tamakoshi-5 [190711]
Tanahun hydro project: Four companies submit bids for dam construction [190708]
Nepal, Germany sign financial cooperation agreement of Euro 24.3 million [190705]
Solar mini-grids improve life in Surkhet, Kailali and Baitadi [190703]
AEPC mulls 2MW wind energy project in Kailali [190702]
Foundation stone laid for hydro power project [190628]
Budhigandaki Project to be constructed in EPCF modality [190624]
Nepal, Bangladesh agree for joint investment in hydropower [190622]
Govt should itself construct Upper Karnali hydro project: Rawal [190620]
Rs 32 billion collected for Budhi Gandaki project [190619]
Lawmakers seek government’s attention towards hydro projects [190619]
Solar panels distributed in Bhojpur [190616]
Upper Trishuli-1 hydro project to be completed by 2024 [190612]
IPPs establish power trading firm to export energy to India, Bangladesh [190612]
Minister Pun urges to support hydropower development [190611]
Marsyangdi II hydel project discussed [190610]
Himalayan, Himal Dolakha hydro issuing 8.4 mln IPO [190606]
90pc work of Dordikhola hydel in Lamjung completed [190605]
Rs 13 billion allocated for Budi Gandaki Hydropower Project [190529]
Hydropower goals: Ambitions and challenges [190519]
Upper Trishuli III ‘A’ connected to national grid [190516]
Private sector accuses NEA of overcharging industrial enterprises [190508]
Upper Trishuli 3 A to start test transmission Sunday [190504]
Uncertainty looms large over West Seti hydro project [190430]
Grid-connected solar system: New step in Nepal’s energy mix [190430]
Tender called for Tanahun hydel project [190426]
140-MW Tanahun Hydro Project invites int’l tenders for dam construction [190425]
Government, World Bank ink pact to scale up renewable energy options [190422]
Upper Trishuli III A, Kulekhani III hydels to commission power next month [190417]
Use of tunnel boring machine historic: PM [190417]
Bheri-Babai tunnel completed [190416]
PM Oli to make breakthrough of Bheri-Babai tunnel [190415]
NEA makes profit of Rs 2.848 bln [190415]
Veep Pun inspects Rasuwagadhi hydro project [190415]
German embassy to hold exhibition on energy [190411]
Sanjen, Rasuwagadi hydels to issue public shares from April 19 [190409]
Ghising miffed over ‘attempts to defame him’ [190408]
German Embassy to hold exhibition to transforming Germany’s energy system [190407]
Construction of Koshi Corridor transmission line resumes [190407]
Marsyangdi-Kathmandu transmission line in final stage [190405]
Bheri Babai Project: One step forward, two steps back [190405]
Rasuwagadi, Sanjen hydels to issue 15.4 million shares to public [190402]
Storm affects electricity supply [190401]
Power China to build 679MW Lower Arun hydel [190331]
Investment Summit sees signing of 15 agreements [190330]
CG signs four MoUs at Nepal Investment Summit [190330]
Investors apply for 16 projects (NEPAL INVESTMENT SUMMIT) [190330]
India to work as transit hub for Nepal’s power export to third countries [190329]
Sustainable energy future: Energy mix is the key [190329]
PM gets 20 units Trishuli III B hydropower project share [190328]
NEA MD to travel to Upper Tamakoshi project site every month [190325]
PM Oli says investment-friendly environment created for hydropower [190324]
Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project to come into operation by coming Mid-December [190323]
Super Madihydropower project office padlocked [190323]
Chinese company to develop 164MW Kaligandaki Gorge hydel [190322]
Government floats 3,479 MW hydroelectric scheme, IPO open [190321]
Govt to launch 3,479MW scheme today [190320]
Kabeli transmission line awaits completion, contractor seeks deadline extension [190319]
Upper Trishuli 3A to generate power by April [190319]
Govt will be unable to produce 3,000 MW power in three years [190317]
Marsyangdi project’s power generation down by 50 pc [190314]
Power output falls 50 per cent as river flow shrinks [190313]
Govt assures private producers of buying power [190313]
Tanahu hydel officially ends contract with CMC [190307]
In rural Nepal, solar irrigation helps keep families together [190305]
22MW Bagmati hydel to be connected to national grid [190305]
Work on Kabeli corridor transmission line in final stage [190305]
Budhigandaki hydel project will gain momentum: NCP (NCP) Co-chair Dahal [190227]
80pc work complete on Dordi River Hydel Project [190226]
Kabeli A Hydropower Project work halted [190225]
NEA awards tender to lay underground cables in Valley [190224]
NEA to install underground power cables in Kathmandu [190224]
Penstock pipe-laying work commences at Upper Tamakoshi hydel project [190224]
NEA to build, standardise 55 new substations [190222]
Tanahu hydel project to call tender [190221]
Pashchim Seti Hydropower will be constructed soon: PM Oli [190219]
8.63MW hydel to be developed in Chepekhola [190218]
Tanahu hydel to terminate contract with CMC [190217]
Govt to allot hydel shares worth Rs 102.28bn to public [190213]
India vies for lower Arun hydro project [190212]
India proposes to construct Lower Arun Hydro Project [190212]
IPPAN flays bombings in Arun III hydel project [190211]
Construction of 37MW Upper Trishuli III B hydel starts [190210]
40pc work completed in Upper Bhotekoshi hydel project [190208]
Dispute between investor, contractor hits hydel project [190207]
Power utility saves Rs 7 billion by reducing electricity leakage [190206]
CIAA files case against NEA deputy director [190201]
WB approves $7.61m for renewable energy options [190131]
Electricity generated by Upper Tamakoshi hydro project could go to waste [190130]
Local obstruction closes Mid-Modi hydro construction works [190128]
Minister Pun urges Japan to further invest in Nepal’s hydropower sector [190124]
Japan urged to invest in Nepal’s hydel sector [190124]
Upper Tamakoshi to complete by 2019-end [190123]
India agrees to sell additional 100 MW power [190123]
Consultation held with ADB to expedite MWSP [190122]
Construction work of Chilime-Trishuli transmission line halted [190122]
Nepal to seek more energy from India [190122]
NMB to launch solar roof-top model [190121]
Hydro exhibition [190118]
Solar light powers homestay in Chitwan’s Madi [190117]
Task force formed to look into Koshi Corridor problems [190113]
Construction of Lower Likhu hydel project partially halted [190113]
Erratic power supply disrupts life in Bajura district headquarters [190112]
Sankhuwasabha overcomes energy crisis [190108]
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